Casanova Hunt’s season is from September to mid-March. The early morning hunting done in September is known as cub hunting. Formal hunting season for Casanova Hunt traditionally begins around the third week of October. Regular hunting days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Visitors are always welcome to hunt with permission of the Masters.

In the off season our Huntsman & Staff are joined by Hunt Members as they to walk hounds, on foot, on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. Friends and members of the community often join in and are always welcome.

Added to regular hunting schedule are other activities sponsored by the Hunt including our Hunt Ball and Silent Auction in the Spring. Evening Trail Rides begin in July, the Foxhunting Camp for Beginners in August, a Fun Fall Hunter Pace Event in October and our annual Christmas Bazaar. The Hunt country is located in central, eastern and southern parts of Fauquier County, southeast Culpeper County, northeast Orange County, northeast Spotsylvania County and west Stafford County. The many horse, beef and dairy farms in our hunting territory have rolling pastures and grasslands. These are enhanced by some heavily wooded sections.

Casanova Hunt Huntsman, Tommy Lee Jones and the Casanova Hunt. Hounds on a typical hunting morning. Photo by Richard Clay.

Casanova Hunt Huntsman, Tommy Lee Jones and the Casanova Hunt. Hounds on a typical hunting morning.
Photo by Richard Clay.

Our local farming community and the habitat provided by the farmers is a critical part of this traditional sport. The landowner remains the backbone of the organization, and our members recognize and appreciate the privilege of being permitted to ride over their land. Casanova Hunt is proud to be part of Virginia’s sporting tradition, a good neighbor, and source of pleasure for members, friends and landowners.


Casanova Hunt Member, Kathleen O’Keefe winner of the 2011 Field Hunter Championship of America riding Dudley.
Photo by Richard Clay.

Casanova Hunt kennels are located at Weston which is owned by the Warrenton Antiquarian Society.  The Hunt leases a small portion of land for its kennel.  Weston is one of Fauquier County’s oldest colonial homes and was built on property granted to Giles Fitzhugh in 1753.  Charles Joseph Nourse, Jr. purchased the property in 1859 where he and his family found refuge during the Civil War.  On the Virginia Landmark Register, Weston is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Deb Clay on a hunting morning riding Ned.

Deb Clay on a hunting morning riding Ned.
Photo by Rich Clay.

Today’s organized mounted foxhunting and the cross-over interest of its participants in thoroughbred breeding, racing, horse shows, trail rides and related cross country events contribute to a billion dollar equine industry in Virginia.   Each fall, foxhunting enthusiasts flock to Virginia to visit various hunt clubs, shop locally and enjoy some of the finest hunting in the United States.  Casanova Hunt is proud to be one of the oldest recognized hunt clubs in Virginia.