The Casanova Hunt 2017 Fall Fun Hunter Pace Event was held at Winfall on Sunday, October 8th, with great success. The Fall Hunter Pace events are designed to be relaxed, fun rides over well marked courses judged on optimum time. This year we ran 19 teams for a total of 53 adult and junior riders from neighboring hunts.

Casanova is one of eight host hunts who participate in the Virginia Fall Hunter Pace Series. Other participating hunts are, Deep Run Hunt, Bull Run Hunt, Keswick Hunt, Warrenton Hunt, Old Dominion Hunt, Rappahannock Hunt and Farmington Hunt.

The occasional shower and mist hung around most of the morning but did not dampen the spirits of our participants. Observers couldn’t help but notice that regardless of the showers, every single rider was smiling, if not laughing, and enjoying the ride. There were many complements on how wonderful the course was. We appreciate all of the riders who came to enjoy a great day with Casanova Hunt.

After horses were put away, the competitors gathered in the tent area with friends, members and volunteers to enjoy a little Casanova Hunt hospitality.


Winners of the Junior Division: The Casanova Ghosts. Pictured left to right are Mandy Choby, Haylee Choby, Cole Clark and Jeanne Clark.


First Place / Laddie (Bianca Cordeiro) & Big Mac Daddy (Patricia Morgan)

Second Place / Percy (Jennifer Campbell) & Molly (Anne Riley)  Farmington Hunt

Third Place / Jamison (Rosie Campbell), Finn (Chris Allen), Mower (Amy Savell) &  Devil Wood (Jamie Temple)  Bull Run Hunt

Fourth Place / Bell (Julie Williamson) & Buddy (Jack Hook)  Bull Run Hunt


First Place / Royal Affair (Jeanne Clark), Freddie (Cole Clark), Spencer (Amanda Choby) & Storm (Haylee Choby)  Casanova Hunt

Second Place / Fair Play (Morgan Gerald), Nutmeg (Melissa Gerald), Xenia (Halliday Maartens), Cinnamon (Kris Gerald)  Casanova Hunt

Third Place / Red Hill Sparkle (Mila Jelenic) & Delilah (Katie Sharp)  Rappahannock Hunt


First Place / Savannah (Charlene Isner) & Grogan (Barbara Culbert)

Second Place / Roh (Suzanne Hibbaro) & May Elle (Kendall Kinseley)

Third Place / Stanza (Nancy Chasen) & Vodka (Sandi Nelson)

Fourth Place / Bella (Kate McCloskey), Louis (Lisa Hannan) & Joey (Rachel Strein)